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Custom portrait paintings on a canvas

I can custom paint or draw any loved one you would like on a canvas. I can do people, pets and wild animals. On this size canvas (5 foot x 4foot) the price is $999. If you have another size in mind contact me for a quote. I also do portraits on 11 x 14 paper for $250.  To get started on an order for a full body portrait on a 5 foot by 4 foot canvas, the options are right below.

color options

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Custom portriat of any person or pet

Let me capture the image of your loved one, any person or pet you desire. I have been told and I feel it also, from the portraits that I have done when the person or animal has passed on it feels that their essence is alive in my art. This picture is of my dog Missy. When doing this portrait of my dog I set an intention of capturing her love and true essence. I always set an intention before I do any portraits. It can be done in color or black and white I use mix media. I offer this on 11 x 14 and 12 x 12 down below. If there is a different size you want just message me. Prints of any of my art work are $79.99 on 11 by 14 with free shipping and handling just call me at 631 592 1513 or email me at Salvatore@jbellarts.com.

Custom portraits color options
custom portrait of a person or pet

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Custom portraits in pencil and charcoals

This custom portrait of Abraham Lincoln was done in pencil and charcoal. Before doing this portrait of Abraham Lincoln I was looking at the original photo of him. He looked tired and worn out. I wanted to have him look like a strong confident leader. So that was my intention I set while doing this portrait. If there is a love one you would like to have a custom portrait of in pencil and charcoal I would love to capture their true essence.

size options

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When I was finishing up Marilyn Monroe's portrait

Order a custom portrait

Any Questions at all or to make an order please call me at 631 592 1513. You also can order up above or you can email me your order at Salvatore@jbellarts.com. All prints 11 x 14 on any of my art work is $79.99 included taxes, shipping and handling.If you need a different size print please notify me.  With a custom order any one  11 x 14 print of your choice are free.