My little artist

In this post I just wanted you to know me a little better. When I’m not doing art and trying to grow my art career I do landscaping. That’s my business. I appreciate having it but at the same time I’m exited to expand my art business. I didn’t start doing art until I was 38. That […]

Touching up and adding detail to Frank Sinatra & Elvis Presley painting

This one here is just a quick touch up. I wasn’t happy on how Elvis face came out before. It was to white. I had a hard time because Elvis eyes were closed, it was hard getting it to look like him. I’m good with how I have it now. Sometimes I play around with […]

How to improve you art work

The picture on the right is the first Jesus picture I drew. I used pastels. I was doing art portraits for about a year when I did it. I thought it was good at the time. About two years went by and I was getting better so I went back to this picture and realized […]

My custom portrait of Robin Wiliams

When doing Robbin Williams portrait besides wanted it to look like him I wanted to capture his love so it can be felt that is him. So that was my intention I set. I then drew him This was done on 11 x 14 paper. I used pencil and charcoal. I wasn’t as advanced as […]

My intention I set before doing Abraham Lincoln pencil / charcoal portrait

A few years back my dad had asked me if I could do a portrait of Abraham Lincoln. He was doing a speech on Abraham Lincoln in Toast Masters and thought it would be great if I would do his portrait. My dad sent me the image of Abraham Lincoln that he wanted me to […]