Capturing the essence of a person in a custom art portrait drawing or portrait painting


I did this portrait of my mom a few years ago. It is not my best because I didnt have a digital picture of her. The most of the pictures I had of her were from the 80s and 90s. Without a picture being real clear its hard for me to put in alot of detail. The clearer the picture the better. I still was determined to do it. The most important thing I do is I set my intention. For this picture my intention was to capture my moms essence and her love. So when I started doing it I said God , spirits , source do this portrait with me, inspire me in what to do.

Now I will cherish this picture forever because I love it so much. Even though its not the best portrait I did I feel my mom. I can’t explain it but not in a spooky way but I feel my mom when I stare at the picture. I know this sounds crazy but I have asked her many questions when looking at the picture I drew and the answers comes to me and have ended up being true.

If you would like a custom portrait of anyone either a person or animal you can call me directly at 631-592-1513 or email me at

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