Finishing up with Frank Sinatra And Elvis Presley painting The Two Unknowns

The 2 unknownsSo in my last post by I mentioned that my idea for this painting evolved into having Frank Sinatra and Elvis appear to be two unknowns playing in a piano bar trying to make it into the music world. I originally had Elvis wearing a black jacket then at the end I changed it to white. The piano went from short to tall to black to white and then back to black. I had Frank Sinatra in pencil then I changed him to oil paint. I did a brick wall background in acrylic over pencil. I wanted to connect to both of them. When doing Frank Sinatra I was listening to his music, that helped me connect to him.  Frank Sinatra ‘s portrait came out smooth. With Elvis I listened to his music longer. I wanted to connect. At first I had a hard time shading his face. I did a lot of researching. I was getting sad when I learned about his life. I finally g got
Here are  the finishing pictures.  Here is the link to my last post

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