How crazy focus allowed me to draw a portrait of Albert Einstein.

A few years back I had this crazy idea to draw portraits of people and have them look as close to a real photograph as possible. I wasnt good at drawing or painting. My sisters were but not me. After reading a few books on how powerful focus is and applying focus will allow you to create many things I wanted to try it with drawing. I was terrible so everytime I would focus and do art I got better and better. So im thinking wow this is working. Then my son wanted a picture of Mighty Mouse. So I would look at a picture of Mighty Mouse and draw it for him. He loved it and kept asking for a different one. After my 10th Mighty Mouse I realized I was good and I was bored of drawing cartoons. I was thinking if I can draw cartoons to look good then why not people. Thats when I decided that I will draw portraits of people and they will be good real good. My focus was so strong I would say I was obsessed with having my portraits look good. The first portrait I drew was Leonardo DiCaprio. I was impressed but it wasn’t good but for me at that time I thought it was amazing. I told myself I will show this drawing to my sister. If she knows who this is Ill keep going with drawing portraits. Well thank God, after my sisters 10th guess she guessed it right. Now I was ready to make it happened.  I took one art class that helped a great deal and about 1 year from when I started I drew this picture of Albert Einstein. I loved it and people that saw it loved it. Then from there it was getting better and better. When doing this Albert Einstein drawing  I got the inspiration to put dark black in the area where his hair would be and then erase in his hair. I still have the original Albert Einstein drawing.  I have that for sale for $250. If you would like me to paint or draw a picture of any persona or animal my price is $250 on 11×14. I do other sizes and 2 or more people on a canvas. If interested for a quote call me at 631 592 1513 or email me at

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