How to improve you art work

The picture on the right is the first Jesus picture I drew. I used pastels. I was doing art portraits for about a year when I did it. I thought it was good at the time. About two years went by and I was getting better so I went back to this picture and realized if I didn’t stop it would of looked so much better. So¬† I wasn’t sure if I could add watercolor to it since I originally did it in Pastel. So I started with water color pencil then lightly I added water and paint. I really loved how it came out. I like the skin on his face to me it looks real. I would of liked to change his eyes but I only made slight changes on his eyes. Let me know in the comments what you think.
A custom portrait of your pet or a person on 11 x 14 black in white or color $250. My passion is to capture the essence of the animal. Can be a nice gift. My website is, my email is my phone for my art business 631-592-1513.

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