Jesus Christ Water color painting portrait on canvas

After doing many portraits on 11 x 14 paper I wanted to change it up a little. This time I was going to use a canvas. I wanted to make it bigger. At this time I was comfortable doing portraits with water color pencils. I liked water color pencils because it gave me the control that I liked to do a good portrait. Then after I draw it I would wet where I wanted and that would make it turn to paint. Then I would add regular water color paint to where I wanted. Well now that I was going to do it on a canvas I wasnt sure if I could draw and how would water color stay.  So I researched it and found out  that gesso acrylic white does the trick.  It allows water color to stay on  the canvas.

I had fun I like to challenge myself. So now im almost ready to start. So I set my intention like I always do. I wanted to show Jesus’s love and focus. I believed he had great focus. I wouldnt call myself religious at all but I love Jesus’s teachings. So when I started this painting and like when  I do all drawings or paintings I ask to be guided and I ask God to do the portrait with me. I know  that may sound crazy but when Im focused on doing a portrait and it feels real good I cant explain it, it feels like Im not doing it. It just flows and at times when im not sure how to do something I get an idea and when I do what that idea is it makes works and makes all the difference. For example when I first started doing portraits and I was doing Albert Einstein’s portrait I didnt really like how his hair was coming out. Then as I was doing the portrait and enjoying  it an idea came to me to make all the area where his hair is to be dark black as possible with charcoal and then erase his hair in. Then I thought no, that wont work that will be a waste of time and I may ruin the portrait. After a few minutes I thought I should try it and see what happens. Im so glad I did because it worked so great.

So here are some of the Jesus Christ pictures while I was doing it and the finished product. I was and am verry happy with the final product. I like the focus he has in the picture.

If you are interested in ordering a custom portrait (of a friend , family member , someone who has passed on or a pet I charge $250 for a 11 x 14.  I also do larger portraits and family pictures, if thats what you want you can call me for a quote. My number is 631 592 1515. My email is and my website is If you would like this original it is on a 24 x 30 canvas. The price is $400 a print of it on 24 x 30 paper will be $200.

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