Michael Jackson oil Painting face 2

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After finishing the first Michael Jackson I then was getting ready for the second. The intention I sent out for this one is similar to the last. I say I want it to look like him in the time he did Beat it and Billy Jean. I also say I want to capture his essence of that time. I also believe that some how some way this will get done and since I have accomplished this before with other paintings and drawings I expect this will happen. I have found that expecting is powerful. I also found a picture in that time frame that I look at when doing the portrait but I make it my own. I was listening to alot of his music in this time frame to help me capture what I wanted. At first it wasnt looking the way I wanted it to but at the end I was very satisfied. This one took the longest out of the four faces to look and resemble Michael Jackson the way I wanted it too. You can see here how he was looking at first until the last one that I was satisfied with. You can read my other post on the first Micheal jackson face I painted https://jbellarts.com/my-michael-jackson-painting/. See you at the next post

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