My intention I set before doing Abraham Lincoln pencil / charcoal portrait

A few years back my dad had asked me if I could do a portrait of Abraham Lincoln. He was doing a speech on Abraham Lincoln in Toast Masters and thought it would be great if I would do his portrait. My dad sent me the image of Abraham Lincoln that he wanted me to do. I liked it, I was excited to do it. When I was focusing on the picture of Lincoln I noticed he looked tired and worn out. I didn’t want to capture that. I wanted to capture his leadership, focus and confidence. So that’s when I set my intention I say it to myself what I intend for the outcome to be. I truly believe it. I believed it from when I first started setting my intentions but since I see it happening many times I now have strong expectations. When you have strong expectations it gets easy to create what you want. I also get myself in a good feeling place before I pick up a pencil or paint brush then while I’m doing it sometimes a certain song or music helps me with strong emotions. It just feels great. Here is the real photo of Abraham Lincoln to the left and my original custom portrait that I did with pencil and charcoal to the right.

If you are interested in hiring me to do a custom portrait of your choice (person or animal)I charge $250 on a 11x 14. I do it in black and white or color, your choice. You can call me at 631 592 1513 or email at You can see my work at

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