My Michael Jackson Painting

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This post is about my painting I recently did of Michael Jackson. I wanted to have 4 different faces of Michael Jackson looking at himself. All of different ages. I am a portrait artist but I want my art to be interesting and not just a portrait so I try challenging myself each time I do a new piece of art. The pictures here on this post is the first face Of Michael Jackson I did. It was when he was in the Jackson Five. I always want my art to feel something to people when they look at it. I want it to be alive. So I don't just draw or paint someone I have to connect and focus that leads my art to seeming magical to me. I first start with an intention and I set it. In this case my intention was having the essence of young Michael appear on canvas, I wanted him to look like he is really looking at himself and how a kid would look like if he thought he saw himself as an older person. I do make it easier for myself and I looked for a picture of him looking in a certain direction. Okay now that my intention is set and I have the right picture to go by I align myself. I align myself by staying in a good place as long as I can, trust that my end result will be just perfect. I listen to music that  feels good and has me in a good place. The music for me changes each time. I just look for music that feels good to me at the time I am painting or drawing. I also connect with whom I am doing the portrait of. so for this first picture I was watching interviews of young Michael and listening to Jackson five music. I try to only see good things about Michael Jackson. I try to stay away on negative things. Sometimes it might be necessary to capture what I need but when I did a portrait of Elvis  Presley I was feeling real bad about the troubles he had. I was feeling it all over for a few weeks.  Okay back to Michael, so I was pretty happy what I captured with this first picture. I first prime the canvas in a white acrylic Gesso. That allows me to draw on the canvas. Then I draw out the face to how I want it to be. When that is finished I start putting on the color in black and white. I start with lighter pencil and I smear it on. I follow the shade I want. Then I finish it with dry oil. So I dab my brush in just a little bit of oil that has a small amount of linseed oil. Then I wipe off the excess wet oil off my brush on either paper or paper towel. Then I brush on the rest. It gives it a good color and I make sure it is as dark or light as I want it to be. On his hair I didn't use dry oil I kept it wet to give it the look I wanted. In this final pic of Michael Jackson I had his shirt on that I saw in one of his pictures but later in the art piece I end up changing it to make it original piece off art. In my next post I will be talking about the next face I paint of Michael Jackson.

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