Small works series: Inspirational Leaders

inspirational leaders series

Welcome to the release of Inspirational Leaders Series

Here are the portraits I have done of people who have inspired me. Each print will be $75 for 11 x 14 and a 8 x 10 will be $35 including shipping and handling.  These portraits are special to me. I feel these people are special and to accomplish what they have accomplished they must of been inspired themselves. I love learning what it took for certain people to create what they wanted. I don't know what they have done individually to create their accomplishments but I try relating by what I did to become an artist.

About 6 years ago I had a strong desire to draw and paint good portraits. It started from an idea because I wasn't good at all in any kind of art. The only thing I had going for me was, I learned that what you focus on and if you have a desire for it, then in time you will create it. So I loved that idea and I wanted to try it with art. I always wanted to be good at art. So here are the things I learned. With an intention with belief, then focus comes inspiration, follow through with inspired action then see the magic appear on paper, leaving me with satisfaction and its beneficial for me and my customers.

Take a look at my portraits of my Inspirational Leaders Series. Any questions please email me or call me at 631 592 1513.


Abraham Lincoln Portrait

This original was done with pencil and charcoal

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Jesus Christ Portrait

This was done originally with watercolor pencils and water color paint


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Albert Einstein

The original was done with pencil and charcoal


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Jackie Robinson

The original was done with pencil , charcoal and water color pencils

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Nelson Mandela

The original was done with water color pencils and acrylic paint.


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Benjamin Franklin

The original was done in pencil and charcoal

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Jesus Christ

The original was done on a canvas with mix media paint. I used water color paint and acrylic.


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