Starting a custom painting of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley

I’m not sure why but I got a feeling and desire to paint on a big canvas Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley playing together. At first I wanted to do them both older playing in a big arena. As time went on my idea of how I wanted to do it changed. It felt as if the idea came to me, it was alive and was expanding. The first thing I did is I started looking at pictures of them to see how I want them to look. Then when I saw younger Frank Sinatra playing the piano with a cigarette in his mouth and I knew instantly I had to paint that. Then I picked a picture of an older Elvis in his jumpsuit. I didn’t feel wow but it was the best one I liked so far.

So the canvas is 5 feet by 4 feet. I wanted it to look realistic so it took careful measurement to see where I needed the top of Elvis to start and where the top of Frank Sinatra would be. I also have to center them because I knew I needed room for the piano and I wanted Elvis to play a guitar. After I figured that all out I lightly marked my boxes to where they each will go. Then I started with Frank Sinatra’s face. Here are some pictures of the beginning of the painting.

If you are interested in having a custom portrait made of a love one or of a pet call me at 631 592 1513 so I can take your order. A single portrait on 11 x 14 is $250. I also can do celebrities.  Call for a quote if you are interested in a larger size and if you want it with 2 or more people. You can email me at and you can also see my work at I can also do something unique. Tomorrow I will blog about going further with this painting.

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