The evolving of my Frank Sinatra and Elvis custom Painting

In my last blog I mentioned I wanted to do a painting of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley playing music together. So at this point I already had the image of Frank Sinatra. He was going to be playing the piano with a cigarette in his mouth. I was very happy with that. I didn’t find an image of Elvis that I really wanted but I had picked one with his jumpsuit. I wasn’t that happy with that but one night at a friends house we were going over cool pictures of Elvis and I saw one of him when he was younger with his eyes closed playing the guitar. When I saw that one I felt it I knew I had to do that one. I wanted to have his eyes opened but I liked that there was so much emotion and I liked it because it was when he was younger and hungry. Then I started thinking wouldn’t it be interesting if they were two unknowns at a piano bar trying to make it in the music business.

Here are some pictures of when I started putting Elvis into the painting.  Also at my home page you can see my other portraits and paintings I have done. I do custom portraits of people and pets for $250 on 11 x 14. You can call me at 631 592 1513 or email me at Salvatore here is a link to my previous blog about this painting.

Elvis Presley Frank Sinatra playing the piano painting

Elvis Presley Frank Sinatra painting

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