Touching up and adding detail to Frank Sinatra & Elvis Presley painting

This one here is just a quick touch up. I wasn’t happy on how Elvis face came out before. It was to white. I had a hard time because Elvis eyes were closed, it was hard getting it to look like him. I’m good with how I have it now. Sometimes I play around with it to improve it. The original is for sale It is on a 5 foot by 4 foot canvas. I’m selling that for $1100 with shipping and handling. If interested you can call me at 631 592 can email me at I’m also taking orders now for custom portrait for Christmas gifts. I can do pets or people. A custom portrait black or white or in color on 11 x 14 is $250. Also any of my prints on 11 x 14 is $79 with shipping and handling. You can visit my site at


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